Why You Should Build A Business With Shopify Plus Rather Than Magento 

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Whether you want to sell products online or planning to scale up your online venture, an ecommerce platform that provides you an array of features is worth every penny invested. When it comes to popular ecommerce platforms worldwide, you must have heard of Shopify plus and Magento. Wondering what these giants will look like while ecommerce platforms comparison? Well, you are not alone.

Despite the fact that two were launched to do the same thing – selling products online, two are different in their offerings, functionality and interface. While, Shopify is more suitable for UK small businesses, Magento has gain reputation for being the ecommerce platform for larger enterprises of UK. Some differences that lie between the two are:

Self-hosted vs. fully-hosted solution

While Magento is a self-hosted solution, Shopify plus doesn’t require you to setup your own server as it’s a fully-hosted ecommerce platform. Shopify will store all your online files in their cloud server. On the other hand, opening a Magento store will require you the assistance of web developer and professional to install and configure. However, Magento grants more control to user. Choosing Shopify over Magento will give you the leverage of plug-and-play solution but all of it comes with monthly charges.

Ease-Of-Use vs. Flexibility

In ecommerce world, ease-of-use offered by ecommerce platform matters a lot. This holds true especially for small businesses where you might not have a dedicated professional taking care of your ecommerce store’s backend problems.

Shopify offers a remarkable easy-of-use interface. This feature makes Shopify a go-to-solution for everyday tasks. Also, it becomes handy to manage tax calculations and shipping options. If you’re a new user, Shopify is easy to learn as well, compared to Magento.

Magento, on the other hand, is quite complex but offers much flexibility than Shopify. Given the fact that Magento 2.0 comes with an intuitive interface than earlier, retailers don’t need to worry more with backend problems.


Luckily, both ecommerce platforms, Magento and Shopify plus are designed to provide scalability of businesses. Shopify allows you to either scale up or down by selecting their higher or lower plans. You can grow bigger by opting for Shopify’s enterprise level plan. On the contrary, Magento allows you to grow international by changing your current server resources. This is because Magento is highly capable to manage massive amount of products and increased web traffic.


Shopify plus has all the features required whether you are new to business or want to grow.