Shopify Plus vs Magento Enterprise: What does Shopify Plus has that Magento Enterprise doesn’t and vice versa

shopify plus vs shopify

Even though you may find many different enterprise-level eCommerce platforms out there on the market, the fact is that if you want to run a high-quality website, you have just a few options. Basically, it’s all about Shopify Plus vs Magento Enterprise for most business owners because these two eCommerce platforms have shown that they can help almost all enterprise owners. To make the best decision, our team has decided to analyze and compare these two popular options.

What can you expect from Shopify Plus?

Shopify Plus is slowly becoming a leader in this sector just like the original Shopify eCommerce platform which is used by small businesses. Today, there are a few thousand Shopify Plus users that enjoy the features and options that this solution provides. For example, this is a cloud-based SaaS solution which means that website owners don’t have to worry about updates and upgrades. Whenever there’s an upgrade, these things are finished automatically.

While it’s true that Shopify Plus doesn’t support multi-store business operations on the Internet, you can customize the code and enable this mode. With this platform, you can easily manage your content and adjust it to suit the requirements of the most popular search engines. In other words, you will be able to create an SEO-friendly online store. It’s good to mention that Shopify Plus has a wide array of responsive themes that every registered user can use.

Magento Enterprise

Magento Enterprise has been present on this market for two more years compared to Shopify Plus. Just like in the case of Shopify, there’s a Community edition and an Enterprise edition. The first one is free. When compared to Shopify Plus, we will notice that Magento Enterprise is slightly more expensive. For many people, this is the best choice when it comes to Search Engine Optimization because users can customize almost every aspect of this site without any limitations.

With Magento Enterprise, you can also expect native support for managing multiple stores. This is especially important for business owners in countries like Australia and the United Kingdom where multi-store management is on the rise. Additionally, this platform supports international sales and comes with decent customer support. You can also find many built-in features which are usually offered as standalone apps on Shopify Plus.

All in all, both enterprise-level eCommerce platforms are powerful, but the latest reports have confirmed that the interest in Shopify Plus is higher.

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